While IoT faces several challenges in the form of cyber fraud, one of the biggest challenges it faces is the likelihood of ransomware attacks. Unfortunately, we ignore the beginning of the next wave of ransomware attacks, which aim at the encryption of IoT devices. This is particularly dangerous given the…

by Philippe Funk

Over the recent years, cybersecurity has been a significant focus in the computing world. The primary cause is the digitization of critical infrastructures such as banking, health care, and manufacturing. The cyberworld has been expanding daily with the production of large amounts of digital data, which are…

By Philippe FUNK

Date 06.06.2021

A cybersecurity threat is termed as a spiteful action that normally seeks to damage data, stealing data, and disrupting digital life in broad. Most bouts that are involved in the disruption of data entail computer viruses, data breaches, and denial of service attacks. Cyber-attacks are…

White Hat Hackers

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